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About Us

Mission Statement

Our Mission as the Baton Rouge Metropolitan Black Chamber of Commerce is to empower black entrepreneurship in order to establish a stronger black community. Our goals are to inspire, develop, educate, promote and cultivate economic success in the Greater Baton Rouge Area.

The Vision

The vision for BRMBCC consist of equal representation and inclusion in the Greater Baton Rouge Area business environment. We will strive to bridge the gap and create meaningful partnerships.

Our Values

The Baton Rouge Metropolitan Black Chamber of Commerce exist to deliver education and business opportunities/capital to our members. We value the relationship between Black Business and The Greater Baton Rouge are business community, we hope to foster a better relationship by:

  1. Sound Capital: Networking and Business Connections
  2. Business Capital: Business Education and Training
  3. Political Capital: Advocacy and Civic Engagement

Our Community

Due to Covid black businesses have declined but 40%. This has directly affected our community as a whole. We are in a dire situation and asking individuals and the business community to recognize this without taking action ourselves would be a lack luster approach to business and would undermine our ability to make things happen as we always have. This is the time for our community to network purposely, intentionally promote and provide the best service possible when given an opportunity. Going forward this should be our communities motto.

Our History

BRMBCC has been in existence for 4 years and had several successful Business Expo’s and networking events. Due to Covid the Black Chamber has revamped its structure in these uncertain times. We will remain flexible and available for our members and black business alike.